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Learn More About Transition

in the US and Across the Globe



The Global Transition Movement


The global Transition Movement is a vibrant, grassroots movement that seeks to build community resilience in the face of such challenges as peak oil, climate change and economic instability. The movement has activated thousands of citizens in hundreds of communities across the globe, channeling their knowledge and creativity to tackle environmental and energy challenges and improve resilience of their local community.


The Transition Handbook

The Transition Handbook explains the key concepts and ways of operating a Transition Group. We encourage you to review it - and the sequel that reported on how various groups operate around the world. 


The book has three sections, the Head, the Heart and the Hands.

  • The Head explains the key issues around which humanity needs to transition: fossil fuels and climate change. It explains why we need to focus on rebuilding community resilience as well as cutting carbon emissions.

  • The Heart examines the personal tools for responding to what can feel like overwhelming challenges. The Transition movement is not a protest movement; it's a strategy that looks beyond protest, that creates a positive vision of the future that we can work toward. It harnesses the power of engaged optimism to overcome powerlessness.

  • The Hands details the origins and principles of the Transition model. It set out the 12 Steps of Transition, how they were applied in the first year of Transition Town Totnes, and how the model has been applied in other settings.


The book also contains lots of ‘Tools for Transition' -- exercises and activities that can help to deepen this work in your community.


There is also a follow-up book, The Transition Companion. Click to see a PDF of sample pages from that book. If you live in Longfellow, check with Palace Moon Books, our local bookstore. They often carry these books.



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