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Themes of Transition Explore

 Climate and Preparedness 

Torrential rainfall, storm-downed trees, high humidity, fall drought - we can expect to see even greater weather variability in years to come. Can you weather a week without power - in the winter? in the heat of summer? Learn what we can do, together as a community, to be prepared for weather extremes.

Energy and Transit

The biggest impact most Americans have on the environment is their house and transportation. There are a lot of things you can do to become more energy efficient and to reduce your carbon footprint. We'll help you explore your options.

Transition Economy

How we spend our time and how we invest our money is a vote for the future we want to see. Are you investing in resilience for yourself and your local community?

Food Resilience

​Foraging, growing, cooking and preserving foods are hot topics for Transitioners. We do activities in all of these areas. Starting your first veggie garden? Meet folks who can help. Want to make jam? Join a member in her kitchen. Lots of sharing and lots of good food!

Zero Waste

Every time we send something to the landfill, we "throw away" the coal and oil energy used to create it, as well as the  earth's resources. Refusing, reducing, reusing ... it all saves energy. Recycling saves resources. It you're ready to change some wasteful habits, join us!

Health and Inner Transition

​A changing climate, new ways of living, and a rollercoaster economy can take a toll on our physical and mental health. There are things we can do today, together, to improve our health and the health of our community.

Building Community

Research shows that resilient communities aren't always those with the highest income; they are communities that are rich in relationships. Places where people know their neighbors. Communities with public gathering places and diverse, welcoming businesses. We've got everything we need to be a resiient community, we just need to claim it!

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