Building a Close-Knit, Resilient Community


There are 7 guiding principles of the Transition movement:


  1. Positive visioning of a future in which we are less dependent on fossil fuels. Having a clear and positive vision enables us to take practical steps to achieve it.

  2. Helping people access good information so they are empowered to make good decisions and then trusting people to make good decisions in a non-directive, respectful way that fits their situation. Transition is not about being perfect ... it's about doing what you can do, right here and now.

  3. Inclusive and open to the diversity that exists within the community. Just as we need seed diversity for a resilient food system, we need a diversity of people, experience, skills, knowledge, and viewpoins in our human community to address the most important isues of our day.

  4. Enable networking and facilitate sharing of information, resources and successes.

  5. Build resilience in individuals, families, businesses and communities so they can roll with the changes to come (a changing food system, economic ups and downs, a shifting energy platform).

  6. A recognition of the need for both inner and outer transition as we recognize that our natural world is and will be changing, and that the way we've used natural resources in the past will also need to change. Change is never easy.

  7. Taking action at the most practical, appropriate and empowering level. Sometimes personal action is the most appropriate; sometimes it's best to collaborate with others to get policy changes, or in direct actions. A wide variety of actions are needed.


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