Observe how things around you are changing


Understand the kinds of adaptations that may be needed


Talk to others about climate change 


Climate Adaptation


We know from weather records that climate change has been happening in Minnesota for two decades. Mitigation efforts won't be enough to prevent significant climate impacts and more extreme weather events. We need to be prepared for the changes ahead. 


In 2017, Transition Longfellow hosted a speaker series called "When Climate Change Comes Home." We know the direction of climate changes in Minnesota and we can begin to think about how we can prepare for:

  • Stronger storms

  • More rainfall, including flooding and flash floods

  • More heatwaves and heat-related illnesses

  • More freeze-thaw cycles (which means more ice)

  • An increase in pollen

  • More low-air-quality days

  • An increase in insect-borne and water-borne disease


Get Prepared! Step-by-Step Preparedness Emails

In 2018, Transition Longfellow sent out a weekly email with actions people could take that week to become more prepared for extreme weather. See the entire email series.

What's on the Table for 2019?

What would you like to see? Several people are interested in hosting another climate speaker series, with new speakers and additional topics. If you'd like to be part of that, contact Leslie. If you have other - or additional - ideas, please watch for the date of the February community meeting and bring your ideas to the table.