Take Action on Energy & Transit


How we heat and cool our homes and the water we use, how we travel, and the food choices we make are three of the biggest ways individuals and families have an effect on the climate. There are many actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. Transition Longfellow does skill shares, hosts discussion and action groups, educates people about renewable energy and community solar gardens, and organizes activities (like helping with the 2015 Longfellow Energy Fair).


If you're ready to take action now to reduce your personal energy use, you can start with a home energy squad enhanced energy audit.

Tools to Help You Get Started


Volunteer for Energy-Related Activities

Energy Mini-Challenge Organizers: We'd like to bring back the once-a-month energy challenge, picking one energy reduction activity to try each month. We've got 2 people on the organizing team but we could use 2 more volunteers. The group will meet, plan the mini-challenges and switch off hosting the once-a-month meeting. Contact Leslie for more info.


See Past Energy Activities