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Friday, June 12, 2020

Re-imagining a Sustainable & Just Minneapolis

5:00 PM

Re-imagining a Sustainable & Just Minneapolis

Friday Demonstration at Roof Depot: Rebuilding Phillips Neighborhood

The community's struggle to create the East Phillips Indoor Urban Farm at the Roof Depot site is one of the clearest examples of a neighborhood-led fight against systemic environmental racism in Minneapolis. While the kindness of donors in this time is overwhelming, food security should start at home. If the City hadn't interfered and threatened eminent domain to buy out the property, this neighborhood-based project would be in its second season of growing its own fresh, organic food by residents living in the neighborhood--instead of relying on food donations from the outside since the uprising. Not only would this space provide food, it was also designed to include very low income affordable housing and create good-paying green jobs The city has proposed a plan that would increase traffic in an area that already suffers from congestion causing endemic asthma- show up and show city leaders that Minneapolis wants a future that centers sustainability and justice for all.

Join the community demonstration at the Roof Depot site, on Longfellow Ave., between E.26 St. and E. 28th St., on Friday, June 12, at noon, where a special announcement will be made. Please wear masks and do your best to observe social distancing.


Longfellow Avenue & East 27th Street


More Info:

We hope to see you there!

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