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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Meet Deborah Benham, from the Global Transition Network

12:00 AM

Meet Deborah Benham, from the Global Transition Network

Dr Deborah Benham is visiting Minnesota from Totnes, England where she started working for the global Transition Network in March 2019. Her background is in wildlife conservation, environmental education, sustainability, and community building. Deborah fulfills three roles at the Transition Network. Helping to develop a collaborative culture within TN as an organization. She focuses on working with the team to develop Peacebuilding and Conflict Resilience agreements and processes, working consciously with conflict so it can build creative, relationship-building opportunities. Practice of Change work to enhance our understanding of what supports change and how we can use principles and practices to make the work we do most helpful and effective. TN Training link to help recruit a Training Coordinator from the wider movement, so this work comes more directly from the Transition community. She has set up a Training Support Circle with several Hubsters, and together they will recruit and support the new Training Coordinator. The format of the evening is a Q&A style. Come and ask about how the global Transition Network operates and the projects it facilitates. Ask about the U.K. "pop-up tomorrow" project and Rob's new book! Learn about the latest research in theories of change, collaborative peace-making, and conflict resolution. Deborah would like to hear about what Transitioners are doing in the Twin Cities, about our projects, dreams, and challenges.


CoCreatz, 2388 University Avenue West First Floor, St Paul, MN 55114


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We hope to see you there!

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