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New Book Groups in 2018

Spring: The Guide to Humane Critter Control by Theresa Rooney ... "The Guide to Humane Critter Control shows many ways to incorporate protective barriers without ruining your sight lines, outsmart the invaders using insect behavior, use scent to your advantage, and more. With methods and products that are not only kind to wildlife and insects but also healthier for children and pets, this is the blueprint for creating a safe backyard for play, beauty, and healthy fresh-grown foods." Copies available @ Moon Palace and from the author, a Longfellow resident.

1 Session - April 12, 6:30 pm @ Moon Palace Books


21 Stories of Transition: How a Movement of Communities is Coming Together to Reimagine and Rebuild our World

Have you been wondering what Transition is and what it does, here in Minnesota and in communities across the globe? We'll be reading a quick collection of stories gathered by Transition founder Rob Hopkins. We have two copies of the book for sale, (it's now out of print). You can DOWNLOAD A PDF VERSION.

  • The Million Miles Project, Black Isle, Scotland 

  • The Rise of Community Energy

  • REconomy in Luxembourg

  • EcoCrew Environmental Awareness Programme, Greyton, South Africa

  • The rise of local currencies

  • The Pasadena Repair Cafe, US

  • Fishguard’s Surplus Food Cafe, Wales

  • The Casau Community Garden, Salies, France

  • Caring Town Totnes, UK

  • Zarzalejo Futuro, Spain

  • Lambeth Local Entrepreneur Forum, London, UK

  • Transition Town Media’s Free Store, Pennsylvania, US

  • Aardehuis Project Olst, Netherlands

  • Greenslate Farm, Billinge & Orrell, UK

  • Potager Alhambra, Brussels, Belgium

  • Compagnons de la Terre, Liege, Belgium

  • Harvesting Rainwater in São Paulo, Brazil

  • Crystal Palace Food Market, London

  • Transition Streets in Australia

  • Scaling up Transition in Peterborough, Canada

  • Ungersheim, Village in Transition, France

1 Session - May 10, 6:30 pm @ Moon Palace Books

Book Purchases and Group Location

We've notified our neighborhood bookstore, Moon Palace Books, so they may have copies of each book on hand to purchase. They are offering a 20% discount for book group attenders so be sure to mention the book group when you purchase it.

We will meet once a month at Moon Palace, Minnehaha Ave & 31st Street (they have the rainbow banner on the front of the building). Groups run from 6:30 to 8 pm.

Summer: Independence Days by Sharon Astyk "Independence Days tackles both the nuts and bolts of food preservation, as well as the host of broader issues tied to the creation of local diets. It includes how to buy in bulk and store food on the cheap, techniques, from canning to dehydrating, tools—what you need and what you don’t. In addition, it focuses on how to live on a pantry diet year-round, how to preserve food on a community scale, and how to reduce reliance on industrial agriculture by creating vibrant local economies." This book is out of print. Please look for used copies online.

4 Sessions @ Moon Palace Books

  • June 14 - Part 1, Chapters 1-5

  • July 12 - Part 2, Chapters 6-11

  • Aug 9 - Part 2, Chapters 12-17


Fall: "The End We Start From," by Megan Hunter

A unique short book tracing the dual journeys into new motherhood and away from the chaos and ruin caused by extreme weather. It's a quick read and when you put it down, you'll be looking for someone to share it with. THIS BOOK COMES OUT IN PAPERBACK ON SEPTEMBER 1.

  • 1 Session - Sept 13

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