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Grow a Farmer Fund

Want to improve our food system, reshape our local food economy, and move us away from corporate/industrial farming that damages our soil and environment? Consider donating to the Grow a Farmer Fund, which will provide small-scale sustainable farmers with low interest loans to improve their operations and increase their bottom lines.

This is a project of Slow Money Minnesota and Renewing the Countryside. Initial funding for the program -- $100,000 -- will be raised through donations. In the future, the fund managers expect to have investment options. And as the initial borrowers pay off their loans, the money will go back into the fund to be loaned again.

"The Grow a Farmer Fund will provide low interest loans, up to $15,000, to small farms for projects that will improve their operations and increase their bottom line. Examples might include building a winter greenhouse to extend the growing season, automating systems that increase efficiency, covering start-up costs for perennial crops—that are great for the environment, but don’t start paying back for a few years.

Applications will be reviewed based on borrower’s ability to repay the loan, but the review committee will look beyond collateral and credit scores in making a determination."

Learn more at Have a Beer, Grow a Farmer in North Mankato on August 4.