The Longfellow Ash Tree Project

The Longfellow Environment Committee has a proposal before it to enable community members to contribute funds to save some of the more than 1,600 ash trees in our community that will be taken down by the park board. The project is described on the website Because of extensive comment on the Transition Longfellow facebook page, the committee is hosting a meeting in August (date not yet set) to hear community feedback on this project. The meeting will be 6 to 8 pm at the Hiawatha Park building. This is an open meeting - anyone can come. The Facts and Issue to Consider

  • All public ash trees will be removed by the Park Board over the course of eight years, unless the community decides to treat them (or some of them).

  • 100% of public and private ash trees will eventually be attacked and die if not treated. It is unclear how many years that would take.

  • Some communities, like Marcy Holmes