The Circle that Bridges Community

Northland Sustainable Solutions invites you to the first in a 3-part series of evening salons. All three will be held at the Summit Brewing Company in St. Paul. The series is entitled "The Circle that Bridges Community."

It will take all of us from our various walks of life coming together building bridges in one community of mutual support. We form a circle of life in the spirit of comradeship and love, unified, bridging the way to a just transition to a cooler, more equitable, sustainable, and peaceful world for all. Learn more.

On August 17, we advocate the ecology of community. Tom Goldtooth, Gandhi Peace Award recipient and Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network will speak about a platform for Mother Earth post-Paris and COP21 and the Future of Humanity. Tom takes a serious look at what the United Nations Climate Conference accomplished and what was left undone. We'll circle around to what we must address now, in community, on the front lines of climate change.

Register today. Save your place and be a part of this important community-building event.

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