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Conference on Building Personal and Psychosocial Resilience for Climate Change

Transition US Members & Partners Are Invited to Attend the 1st International Conference on Building Personal and Psychological Resilience for Climate Change

When: Thursday-Friday, November 3-4, 2016

Where: The Capital View Conference Center, Washington DC Home of the American Psychological Association

This conference will help neighborhood leaders and others working to improve community well-being ​understand and prepare for rising personal mental health as well as psychosocial challenges of ​climate change.

The more frequent and extreme weather events and toxic stresses produced by rising global temperatures are generating increasing physical damage as well as economic and psychological impacts on ​neighborhoods and communities. Rising temperatures are also producing a boatload of psychosocial maladies including interpersonal aggression, crime, and violence. These harmful reactions undermine the health, safety, and security of families, communities, and entire societies. The problems will worsen as global temperatures rise.

It is therefore critical that neighborhood and community leaders ​learn about the risks and join with others in launching personal and psychosocial resilience-building initiatives that help people ​successfully cope with the impacts in ways that increase well-being. This conference will help neighborhood leaders and others in the helping professions understand the risks and learn how to launch and sustain preventative personal and psychosocial resilience-building initiatives.

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