Tiny Diner Class - *Learn Your Weeds!*

Thursday June 7th 5:30-6:30 Ever heard the phrase “know your enemy”? In this class, that is exactly what we aim to do! You will learn to identify common weeds and discover their purpose in your garden. We’ll talk about how some weeds might not be your enemy after all by discussing which weeds are beneficial, edible/medicinal, or help improve soil health. We’ll also talk about how looking at what’s growing in your yard can teach you a lot about what’s happening under the soil. This class will meet at Tiny Diner and then travel one block to Bancroft-Meridian Garden. This class is also offered on Monday August 13th. This is a free class! This class is taught by Neal Baxter, the coordinator of Bancroft-Meridian Garden, and Andrea Eger, Tiny Diner’s Permaculture Education and Market Manager.


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