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Updates from the Transition Longfellow Planning Committee Meeting on November 20, 2019:

Jeanne Bischoff, Mike Fry, George Hamm, Annette Rondano & Rebecca Cramer met at Peace Coffee to discuss all of the great stuff going on with Transition Longfellow.


1. Update on electronic communication tools (website, Facebook, etc.)

2. December 18: will we hold a December Planning Committee meeting

3. Next Transition on Tap/social gathering

4. Mending Circle: Lisa Strong had indicated in early October she would like to see another Mending Circle gathering held

5. January 15 meeting: start planning Pancake Breakfast/annual planning gathering (possibly for March 2020)

6. CNU28 Conference – June 2020

7. Southern MN/Local growers – CSA’s


1. Electronic Communications Update

Mike informed us (as most already knew) that, since last meeting, a Sharing library has been added to the TL website where members of our TL group, as well as members of the community can post, as well as check out (as in checking out from a library), items that they own & would like to share with the rest of the community. It started with DVD documentaries that TL owns (not yet added to the site but will soon) & that members would perhaps like to view at home. Folks can post on their own, to lend out, items such as: kitchen & household items (e.g., food dehydrater, pasta maker, pet carrier), books, DVD’s, games etc. There are already many items entered on this site by the community, so folks should check it out. The sharing that has been taking place has been going well. The system is very easy-to-use. George and Mike talked about items that have been borrowed from them and that they have lent out using the system.

(Note from Mike: He forgot to mention this at the meeting but had this added - He was contacted by someone who is compiling a collection of flatware that they would like to make available to members hosting larger parties to help them avoid using plastic spoons, forks, etc. More info at https://nextdoor.com/post/129453964?init_source=copy_link_share )

2. December meeting – There WILL be a December planning meeting on Wed., Dec. 18, 6 p.m. at Peace Coffee.

3. Transition on Tap

There WILL NOT be a Transition on Tap gathering in December due to busy holiday schedules. The next one is in January, hosted by Mike Fry. Date, time & place will be forthcoming on website. February’s will be hosted by Audrey Boyle, March’s by George Hamm & April’s by Jeanne Bischoff (tentatively a “game night”).

4. Mending Circle

There is interest in having another Mending Circle event & anyone interested in hosting the next one can easily add it themselves to the TL website’s calendar.

5. Pancake Breakfast

At the January 15, 2020 meeting we will begin planning for a Pancake Breakfast that will be held sometime in March. Annette & Audrey will be co-chairing the Pancake Breakfast planning committee. Instead of being a fund raiser (no need for TL to raise funds at this time), it will be an annual planning gathering for TL (folks bring ideas of what activities they would like to see TL sponsor for the coming year) & include perhaps a game-type event of swapping items that folks would bring.

6. Congress for New Urbanization 28 Conference – June 2020

Mike Fry & George Hamm have submitted a joint proposal of TL & Our Urban Farms to the CNU28 Conference for a workshop on consensus building. It would be a long-shot if the workshop were to be accepted. If it is, it will be facilitated by Mike, George and Annette. It sounds like it will be an interesting, engaging and very interactive workshop if it is accepted. Hundreds of proposals are submitted each year, with only a small number actually presented. More info at CNU.org

7a. Southern Minnesota/Local Growers - CSA’s

Mike was contacted by a group of food producers in Southern Minnesota looking to create, in effect, a digital marketplace for locally produced food. If they go forward with the project they discussed, it will begin as a searchable directory of local food producers and then develop into a marketplace for purchasing local food, possibly with coordinated, local drop sites. If they do this, it will be added to the Transition Longfellow website.

7b. Local Eggs Drop Site

Our Urban Farms is looking into becoming a drop site for sustainable, locally sourced eggs. This will likely follow a CSA model, where people could sign up for a set number of eggs per week and then pick them up at Our Urban Farms on Mondays. People interested should contact Our Urban Farms.

TL Financial Reporting

Aubrey was not able to attend the meeting but sent an email indicating she has requested that the Alliance for Sustainability set up a PayPal account for Transition Longfellow so that we can collect money for Chard Your Yard and other things via the website. This should help with several things!

Minneapolis Zoning Changes and Intentional Community Clusters

At the end of the meeting, we discussed changes to zoning laws in Minneapolis, intended to help with the creation of "intentional community clusters." Mike suggested this could be a way for people to live more sustainably. George added that infrastructure design could precede development to take advantage of things like cooperative geothermal projects (Calgary for example has done this). George offered 880cities.org as good reference site. Designing and developing an urban sustainable community is something this group could think about doing. More information here.

Transition on Tap

No Transition on Tap in December

Mike is hosting in January - Stay tuned for Details.

Audrey is hosting in February and is tentatively thinking of El Norteno. Again, watch for details.

Recorded by Jeanne Bischoff & Mike Fry

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