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Goings on & Planning

On December 18, 2019, Jeanne Bischoff, Mike Fry, George Hamm, Annette Rondano, Audrey Boyle, Aggie Hoeger, Reed Mitchell, Wilbur Ince & Daniel Schultz met to talk about all of the things going on with Transition Longfellow. Here is how it went!


1. Guest speaker: Daniel Schultz from LCC Environment Committee discussing Longfellow program, “Lawns to Legumes”

2. Status of position of Transition Longfellow president (Note: we need a new one)

3. TL’s next Pancake Breakfast

4. Next Transition on Tap, Sunday, January 12, 11 a.m. or so

5. A possible second “Inner Transition” group

6. Treasurer’s report

7. Chard Your Yard, 2020

8. Community Sharing Library

9. Potential new projects for 2020

- Jeanne Bischoff: Giving new life to used greeting cards

- Wilbur Ince: Making maple syrup in late winter/early spring

Guest speaker, Daniel Schultz

Daniel Schultz from Longfellow Community Council’s Environment committee spoke about LCC’s hopes for a new Longfellow program, “Lawns to Legumes” & asking for TL’s support. “Lawns to Legumes” is a program to help homeowners transform their lawns into more productive use (similar to the rain garden project done in the past). Metro Blooms would design & direct the program. They are hoping to make Longfellow a "Demonstration Neighborhood" and are submitting a proposal to achieve that goal. The group was in full agreement to support this project. We will keep you posted as we know more!

Status of TL president

Our previous president, Lisa Strong, has resigned from the position & there was discussion about whether T