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On December 18, 2019, Jeanne Bischoff, Mike Fry, George Hamm, Annette Rondano, Audrey Boyle, Aggie Hoeger, Reed Mitchell, Wilbur Ince & Daniel Schultz met to talk about all of the things going on with Transition Longfellow. Here is how it went!


1. Guest speaker: Daniel Schultz from LCC Environment Committee discussing Longfellow program, “Lawns to Legumes”

2. Status of position of Transition Longfellow president (Note: we need a new one)

3. TL’s next Pancake Breakfast

4. Next Transition on Tap, Sunday, January 12, 11 a.m. or so

5. A possible second “Inner Transition” group

6. Treasurer’s report

7. Chard Your Yard, 2020

8. Community Sharing Library

9. Potential new projects for 2020

- Jeanne Bischoff: Giving new life to used greeting cards

- Wilbur Ince: Making maple syrup in late winter/early spring

Guest speaker, Daniel Schultz

Daniel Schultz from Longfellow Community Council’s Environment committee spoke about LCC’s hopes for a new Longfellow program, “Lawns to Legumes” & asking for TL’s support. “Lawns to Legumes” is a program to help homeowners transform their lawns into more productive use (similar to the rain garden project done in the past). Metro Blooms would design & direct the program. They are hoping to make Longfellow a "Demonstration Neighborhood" and are submitting a proposal to achieve that goal. The group was in full agreement to support this project. We will keep you posted as we know more!

Status of TL president

Our previous president, Lisa Strong, has resigned from the position & there was discussion about whether TL even needs a president, as historically the position does not require any formal, written duties (such as convening meetings, as we’ve previously agreed as a group we don’t need a convener) – we do have a treasurer & secretary who do have some duties. Mike suggested that the position should be less about the tasks and more about the overall leadership/vision of the group.

TL has legal paperwork on which is needed the name & signature of a president, which one purpose is to be connected with a 501(c)(3) organization, which is the Allicance for Sustainability. Jeanne has the TL documents at home & will look at them & bring to next meeting to see what those documents are & what other legal requirements there may be in regard to having a president. There was some discussion about outlining possible future roles for the President. When Lisa Strong resigned, she nominated Mike Fry to take her role. Mike has said he would be willing to do it, or help anyone else who would like to. We, as a group, need to decide what process should be in place for selecting our leaders. That will be on tap for our next meeting!

TL’s next Pancake Breakfast

Annette Rondano led discussion about having the next Pancake Breakfast in March (she & Audrey said they would co-chair this event). The purpose would not to do fundraising, but as a community event where folks could get together, eat pancakes & talk about what programs & projects they would like TL to sponsor in 2020. Annette also suggested having at the breakfast a “swap” - where folks could bring items to swap with each other, such as from their gardens (jams or canned food) or hand-made things, or items in good shape they don’t need anymore. We will discuss more at the Jan. 15th TL meeting.

Transition on Tap: Transition Your Yard January 12

Mike Fry will host the next Transition on Tap – a brunch on Sunday, January 12 at 11 a.m. at Himalayan Restaurant at 2910 E Lake Street. They serve an awesome Sunday brunch buffet that includes many vegetarian options. The theme will be Transitioning your yard.

In the middle of winter, it is the perfect time to re-imagine your yard as a more sustainable place. Wilber Ince from Chard Your Yard and Ian Young from Lawns to Legumes will be there to help inspire your visions! This will be a fun, informal gathering, chatting, brainstorming time where people can share successes and talk about what they want to see in their yards and neighborhoods. Join us there!

A second possible Inner Transition group

Aggie Hoeger is currently in an Inner Transition group, but it is closed and not taking any new attendees. But she’s heard from others who would like to be in such a group, so she’s wondering if a second group could be started. Those present said she should start a conversation on TL Facebook to see what interest there is & go from there.

Treasurer’s Report

Audrey Boyle, our treasurer, reported we still have a balance of $2,275 in our account.

Chard Your Yard, 2020

Wilbur Ince said that he & Elizabeth Merryman are on board again in 2020 to organize & oversee Chard Your Yard (in May). They will begin planning it in January. There was some talk about expanding it to other neighborhoods – but it was agreed that at this time, TL’s CYY will just be a model for other neighborhoods to plan their own. Its going to be an extra fun year. Stay tuned!

Community Sharing Library

Mike Fry reminded the group again about the new Community Sharing Library that is up & running on TL’s website & to please go & review & utilize it!.

Potential new projects in 2020

- Jeanne Bischoff is thinking of organizing a day (or days) of “making greeting cards new again” - i.e., taking one’s used greeting cards, putting a new back on them & making them like new again, for oneself, friends, colleagues or possibly donating them to senior centers etc.

- Wilbur Ince is thinking of having an event to make maple syrup, possibly in late winter, early spring.

The next meeting is Wed., January 15 at 6 pm at Peace Coffee.

Submitted by Jeanne Bischoff

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