Goings on & Planning from February Meeting

On February 19, 2020 Jeanne Bischoff, Audrey Boyle, Annette Rondano, Reed Mitchell & Clyde Cutting met to talk about all the cool stuff going on with Transition Longfellow. Here is the scoop:

Stuff Talked About

  • Report from Annette, Audrey & Jeanne regarding whether or not we will make a change regarding TL’s fiscal agent.

  • Chard Your Yard update

  • TL 2020 Pancake Breakfast

  • TL Climate Action Plan

  • Green Fair at South High on Sat., April 18

  • March Transition on Tap Other items

Report regarding TL fiscal agent

It had been discussed in last month’s meeting that we may want to partner with a different 501(c)(3) organization (different from the Alliance for Sustainability). Annette, Audrey and Jeanne were going to look into it. They discovered that what would be gained from making a change was not worth the amount of work and effort needed to make the change. So for this year at least, we will remain partners with the Alliance for Sustainability.

Chard Your Yard update

Audrey reported from the CYY committee meeting that CYY day is happening on Sat., May 2nd and “build day” (to assemble the garden bed frames) is on Wed., April 29th. Registration for folks to sign up for a garden bed opens the middle of March. CYY needs three (3) more people on the planning committee – one to manage food for the day; one to communicate with garden bed recipients; and one to handle promotions.

TL 2020 Pancake Breakfast

The breakfast will take place on Saturday, March 28, 9 am – Noon at the Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church, 4101 37th Ave S, Minneapolis. Annette and Audrey who are on the committee, reported that the breakfast would consist of the following:

- Serve pancakes from 9-11 am (traditional as well as gluten-free and vegan)

- Probably five (5) presentation tables where folks could hear presentations and eat pancakes at these tables: Chard Your Yard, Mike and George’s Transitioning 8-week series, Lawns to Legumes, Russ Henry, and Climate Action Plan.

- Projector and laptop that, through-out the morning, would project TL information and activities on the wall for folks to be able to see what we’re about and up to.

- Home-made items Swap

- 11 am-Noon – Clean-up and be out of the building latest at Noon.

Marketing needs to be worked out soon.

TL Climate Action Plan

Clyde Cutting continued discussion on a possible TL Climate Action Plan. He has been inspired by Propect Park’s plan, which is working to help their neighbors reduce their energy consumption by 20%. They are having an event regarding it on Sat., March 28th, 10 am-2 pm (same day as our pancake breakfast). Clyde would like to see Longfellow neighborhood work on a similar plan. He said he would encourage and work on it, but he cannot “drive” it. Reed is striving for a perhaps similar result in his Wonderland neighborhood (within Longfellow), and his model involves talking one-on-one with his neighbors. Annette said the City of Mpls can get results because it has much more control over it’s own energy use because it has it’s own buildings, vehicles, etc. Annette also said she would like to see projects that are more visible and fun, such as encouraging more folks to bike instead of drive and to perhaps survey folks to see how many take plane trips and how often.

South Minneapolis Green Fair – Roosevelt High School Gym – Sat., April 18

Jeanne brought up subject of this year’s So. Mpls Green Fair and whether we want TL to have a table there again, as we had last year. Last year we had TL’s presentation table tri-fold board that exhibited our activities. If that were used again, it would have to be significantly updated. Annette said that instead of the tri-fold board, to have some kind of digital presentation (such as a revolving photo album) or perhaps something on a laptop. At this time, we do not have anyone who would definitely want to volunteer to do this project/event.

Transition on Tap - March

Next Transition on Tap is on March 9, 5:30 pm, Riverview Cafe, hosted by George Hamm and speaker, Andrew Marotz from the Mississippi Park Connection.

Sending out Agenda in advance of meeting & asking for new agenda items at beginning of meeting.

Audrey said that she would like to be able to see the agenda in advance of the monthly meeting & to ask at beginning of meeting for new items. Jeanne said she certainly could begin sending it out in advance again, so will do so (was discontinued at one point) & will definitely ask at beginning of meeting for any new items.

The next meeting is Wed., March 19 at 6 pm at Peace Coffee.

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