Goings on & Planning from January Meeting

On January 15, 2020 Jeanne Bischoff, Mike Fry, Annette Rondano, Audrey Boyle, Bruce Gregg, Elizabeth Merryman, Clyde Cutting & Karen Locke met to talk about all the cool stuff going on with Transition Longfellow. Here is the scoop:

Stuff We Talked About

Need for a new President of Transition Longfellow Creation of a Transition Longfellow Climate Action Plan

2020 Pancake Breakfast

February Transition on Tap

Misc. Other items

TL New President

We continued our discussion from last meeting regarding a new TL president. A number of reasons why Transition Longfellow needs to have a President were discussed. They included a need for fiscal and policy oversight, as well as legal requirements, including insurance and nonprofit status.

When Lisa Strong resigned as President, she nominated Mike Fry for the position. Mike indicated he was willing, but that he was also willing to assist others. Given that Annette Rondano expressed interest in becoming president, Mike withdrew his name and the group unanimously voted to have Annette serve out the term. Transition Longfellow Fiscal Agent Currently, Transition Longfellow is connected with the Alliance for Sustainability, which serves as the TL fiscal agent. Some benefits to potentially changing our fiscal agent, either by partnering with a different nonprofit, or by obtaining our own nonprofit status was discussed. It was decided that Annette, Jeanne and Audrey would look into the various options and report at the next meeting.

TL Climate Action Plan

Clyde Cutting recommended that TL create and publish a Climate Action Plan. He mentioned other organizations having such a plan, such as the Prospect Park Neighborhood Association, the City of Minneapolis, etc.

Mike and others were very much in favor and suggested TL have a sub-committee to work on such a plan, invite stakeholders (such as LCC members, City Council members, Reed Mitchell who is organizing his Wonderland neighborhood) and then present it to the community. Annette said that this could help motivate the City to be more proactive in making their own changes. Some specific things that seemed like simple fixes were discussed, including improvements to city compost and building green houses, community geothermal and others.

Mike and Clyde will work on this. It was decided to have a first meeting of this sub-committee at the March 28th TL Pancake Breakfast.

TL 2020 Pancake Breakfast

Annette gave us an update on the plans for the pancake breakfast. We’re able to get the Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church (4101 37th Ave S) on Saturday, March 28, so that’s when it will be. The focus, besides eating pancakes, will be on groups forming that want to move forward on events and projects for the rest of 2020. So far, we have: Chard Your Yard, Climate Action Plan, Mike’s Transition Class. Also folks attending will be invited to bring up to three (3) home-made items (only home-made, such as canned foods or breads or hand-made, such as knitted, sewn, woven etc.) to swap with each other. Annette and Audrey will co-chair. It was said that it’s important to get an article about it into the February Longfellow Messenger and other print media in plenty of time for folks to see it. We’ll discuss marketing more at the next meeting.

Transition on Tap - January

Audrey Boyle will host the next Transition on Tap on Tuesday, February 11, 5 p.m., at El Norteno Mexican Restaurant, 4000 E. Lake Street – the guest speaker will be Kristen McCoy from Rethink Tailoring & Sewing Lounge who will talk about textiles: buying to last, upcycling, mending and recycling options.

February Potluck

Bruce Gregg and Aggie Hoeger invited us all to their home at 4324 40th Ave S, Minneapolis on Friday, February 21st for a potluck meal and gathering.

The next meeting is Wed., February 19 at 6 pm at Peace Coffee.

Submitted by Jeanne Bischoff

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