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Cohosted by Transition US, the Regenerative Communities Summit traces the arc from "What Is" to "What If" with inspiring panels, skill-building workshops, and dynamic discussion spaces. This event can be viewed live online or on video.

Learn about inspiring Just Transition projects taking place in communities across the country. Gopal Dayaneni is a trainer with the Ruckus Society and serves on the board of The Center for Story-based Strategy. Ana Rosa Rizo-Centino is executive director of One Step A La Vez. Her work focuses on government transparency, support for working families, and environmental justice issues. David Cobb is Co-Coordinator of the US Solidarity Economy Network. Michelle Vassel is Tribal Administrator of the Wiyot Tribe and has been active in the historic return of Tuluwat Island to its original people.

What's happening in our communities as a positive response to the challenges of climate change, eco-destruction, and societal divisions? Daniel Christian Wahl is the author of Designing Regenerative Cultures and a thought-leader of the rising reGeneration. Taisa

Mattos is a Gaia Education certified trainer and Education and Research Coordinator at the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN).

What new systems show potential for building a thriving economy based on nature and human rights? Lyla June Johnston is a community organizer of Diné (Navajo), Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne), and European lineages pursuing a doctorate in Indigenous food systems revitalization. Emily Kawano is the founder of the US Solidarity Economy Network. Richard Heinberg is one of the world’s foremost advocates for a shift away from our current reliance on fossil fuels. Moderator Vicki Robin helped launch The New Road Map Foundation, The Turning Tide Coalition, Sustainable Seattle, and The Center for a New American Dream.

For more information, download the full brochure below or click here to register.

Regenerative Communities Summit
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