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Join Us for Ground-Breaking Event - Kiss the Ground Online Watch Party

Anyone paying attention to climate news is likely feeling a bit overwhelmed these days. Catastrophic wildfires are raging across the western states, record rain and flooding in the south. Glaciers as breaking apart and melting and rates faster than even the starkest predictions and more recently, dead birds have begun raining out of the sky, due to the Climate Crisis. There is virtually no good news about climate on the horizon. But a ground-breaking documentary film, narrated by Woody Harrelson, is hoping to change that. And Transition Longfellow is inviting you to participate in the premiere of this important film.

Titled Kiss the Ground, the movie promises to offer solutions to the Climate Crisis that are "right under our feet." The film's website is filled with breath-taking trailers, educational materials and scientific information that support the idea that we can turn this around, while also improving the quality of our lives.

Kiss the Ground will premiere on Netflix on Tuesday, September 22 and Transition Longfellow is hosting an online watch party beginning at 7 PM, with a live online discussion following the movie. To participate, simply log into your Netflix account and watch the film at 7 PM. Then, join us online for the live chat following the film at 8:30 PM. Use this link to join the chat:

We will be joined by Leslie MacKenzie, one of the founders of Transition Longfellow, to discuss the movie and all sorts of related topics. Please join us and invite your family and friends to join us as well.

Note: A Netflix account is required to watch the film. However, Netflix is available without a monthly contract and at very reasonable rates.