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March Transition on Tap: Reconnecting with Nature, Rediscovering the Mississippi River

No other natural feature defines our Longfellow neighborhood more than the Mississippi River. Home to many plant and animal species this natural space provides a refuge to those of us ready to explore.

Springtime is coming! And, that is an inviting time of year to get outside and renew your connection with the natural world.

Join Andrew Marotz from the Mississippi Park Connection and find out how you can protect, learn about, and explore this magnificent natural environment. Learn about great ways to help with local projects and activities right here in our neighborhood. Monday, March 9, 2020, 5:30pm at the Riverview Cafe (on the corner of 42nd Avenue and 38th Street).

Transition author, Carolyn Baker, refers to this as "delighting in nature," and writes that this work is critical for good health and peace of mind. Finding time to reconnect, meditate in, and experience the joy of the natural world is key to happiness and peace during these times of transition. It's all just footsteps away. Enjoy discussion, meet neighbors and savor what the Riverview Cafe has to offer.


3753 42nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55406 (Riverview Cafe)