New Tool Gives Transition Longfellow Members Keys to New Culture: Cooperation & Sharing

Those who attended the recent transition-focused discussion facilitated by Deborah Benham from Global Transition Network know that there were several recurring themes that kept coming up in the conversation. No matter what area of transitioning crept into the conversation, a few universal concepts kept resurfacing: community building, sharing and cooperation. We will not pave the way to a new and more sustainable culture without a lot more of these things. We are, therefore, excited to announce a new tool that has been added to our growing website to help our members build more of these important things. It's a community sharing library, designed and built by Mike Fry. It is pretty remarkable. It is like an electronic version of those lovely, neighborhood sharing libraries we have seen popping up all over. But, rather than being only for books, it holds all kinds of things, including DVDs, kitchen tools, pet products and more. All of those things we buy and use only occasionally and that sit in our closets, cupboards, drawers and basements for most of their lives; or those things we bought and tried but rarely use anymore but aren't sure we totally want to get rid of them... this is a library that can hold all of that stuff.

Transition Longfellow members can now check items out of the library for free as well as contribute items to it. When you contribute an item you can decide whether you want the item returned to you or if you want the person who takes it to hold it until someone else wants to use it.