Planning Team Meeting - Oct. 20, 2021

Attendees: Jeanne Bischoff, Aggie Hoeger, Reed Mitchell & Wilbur Ince.

Jeanne gave a summary of some of what she took from the Transition US’ online conference: “Regenerative Communities Summit” held Sept. 24-Oct. 10. One of the topics that she particularly liked was the idea of the “Repair Cafe” & also generally, the Transition movement expanding to include more people of color & folks of all ages.

Aggie suggested having monthly pot luck gatherings in the winter, perhaps rotating people’s homes and picking a topic to discuss at each meeting. Reed suggested doing something like an anti-consumerism discussion during the holidays along with an activity like making freezer jam to give as gifts. These two ideas were then combined into a plan for Aggie to host a December pot luck anti-consumerism discussion along with an activity of making pressure canned soup on December 8th. An invitation to this evening will be sent to the past year’s committee members, along with the plan to continue these monthly during the winter.

Discussed Jeanne’s idea of having a local “Repair Cafe” (whether a one-time event or more), where folks could bring their broken items to either be repaired or share ideas as to where/how to be repaired. Jeanne will post the idea on TL Facebook page to see what interest there is in the wider TL community & perhaps solicit repair volunteers. Jeanne will report to the group on our Dec. 8 meeting what she’s learned.

Wilbur discussed briefly that there are plans to expand Chard Your Yard and meetings for that event will need to start soon after the holidays.

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