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The Why, How and Who of Dismantling of the Minneapolis Police Department

Bob Kroll
Bob Kroll, president of the Minneapolis Police Union, has ties to white supremacy.


Bob Kroll may not BE the disease that has infected the Minneapolis Police Department, but he sure is a primary source of the disease. According to Business Insider, and other sources, Kroll openly wore a "White Power" patch sewn into his jacket. He is also a member of City Heat Motor Cycle Club, which has been cited by the Anti-Defamation League for its white power connections. Furthermore, Kroll has a long history of using racial and homophobic slurs, including calling peaceful African American protesters "terrorists" in the wake of the killing of Jamar Clark by police.

As President of the Police Union, Kroll has spread his toxic hate deeply throughout the police force and, in spite of his high-profile, overtly bigoted statements and behavior, earned the vote of 80% of the police force in his last election, which tells you how grossly toxic and sick the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) has become under his "leadership." MPD is and has been an epicenter of white supremacist activity for years and it is only getting worse.

In the wake of Minneapolis Police officers needless killing of George Floyd, the Twin Cities saw an influx of Kroll's alt-right, white supremacist cohorts in order to engage in terrorist activities, like arson and bombing, with the stated purpose of initiating a race war. (Example: )

Minneapolis tax payers cannot and should not support these kinds of activities with our tax dollars, which is one of the reasons a growing list of high-profile organizations have been severing ties with MPD and why MPD has been "uninvited" from even participating in key City events, such as the Pride Parade.

MPD has been needlessly killing our citizens, stoking racial tensions and destroying the reputation of our otherwise wonderful City. WE NEED TO PUT AN END TO THIS NOW!