Transition Longfellow Planning Meeting from 8/19/2020

Here is the video of the Transition Longfellow Planning Committee Meeting from 8/19/2020. We neglected to record the beginning of the meeting, when the Treasurer's Report was read. Here is the Treasurer's Report:

We currently have a balance of $1,942.78. We are awaiting the grant from Longfellow Community Council for Chard Your Yard in the amount of $690.00 and expect it within the next week.

There was also a brief recap of this year's Chard Your Yard event, with some discussion of ways to expand the event for 2021.

Mike Fry proposed doing a monthly podcast as a way of re-starting Transition on Tap in a different format. The idea would be a video discussion, posted on our new YouTube channel, our website and Facebook group on a Transition topic every month. George suggested doing the interview LIVE on Zoom, so that people could attend if they want and ask questions of the guest. He also suggested engaging local bars/restaurants, to encourage people to enjoy takeout food from those businesses. Everyone agreed this sounded like it could be a fun way to start this new effort. Mike said he would begin this in September.

Transition Longfellow is seeking leaders to help with planning in the areas of food, energy, inner transitioning, reskilling, water, environment, community and diversity. Anyone with a passion or interest in these areas should join us at the planning committee meetings, or send an email to

Additional discussion was had about the possible structure of the Planning Committee meetings going forward. No decisions were made. It was agreed that it is a topic we should continue to have.

A proposed resolution was read and unanimously approved for Transition Longfellow to ask Minneapolis City leaders to begin a local Truth and Reconciliation process to address systemic racism in our community. The exact wording of the resolution is below:

Whereas systemic racism is a real and pressing issue in our nation and community which negatively impacts our community;
And, whereas the wounds inflicted on our community due to centuries of systemic racism are deep and affect many aspects of life;
And, whereas systemic racism has disproportionately disadvantaged people of color economically, educationally, medically and in other ways;
And, whereas Longfellow Transition Group believes we cannot be a completely whole and equitable community without correcting these issues, including resolving disadvantages caused from the past, we believe a substantive and meaningful Truth and Reconciliation process should begin in the United States immediately.
And, whereas action on this topic has been lacking nationally, despite efforts in the US Congress to initiate conversation around this issue, the Longfellow Transition Group hereby requests our City leadership to begin actively engaging in a process to meaningfully assess and quantify the impacts of these issues on people of color in our community, with particular focus on behavior, policies and practices of the City of Minneapolis Government and methods for making restitution to communities of color for those impacts.

Mike said he would publish it on our website, send copies of the resolution to our City officials and possibly send a press release.

The next meeting will be Wed. Sept 16, 2020.

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