Transitioning Our Yards - Transition on Tap Recap

Group of Longfellow Transition Gardeners
A wonderful group gathered at Himalayan Restaurant to talk gardens

The dead of winter is the perfect time to begin planning our spring gardens so, today at Transition on Tap we got together to talk about our yards, which is important, because, if you think about it, our yards make up a huge portion of Earth in our neighborhoods. What we do with them, what and how we plant and how we tend them have enormous impacts on our health, the environment and wildlife.

Traditional lawns are environmentally catastrophic. They destroy habitat for wildlife, leech toxic chemicals into our ground waters and our treasured Mississippi River and worse. They are also high-maintenance and generally use fossil fuels in the forms of lawn mowers and leaf-blowers to keep up.

Most of us who attended had ditched the old-school lawn care years ago, working to grow more diverse and sustainable stuff instead. As the conversation unfolded, the themes that emerged revolved around the following topics:

* Creating more pollinator and wildlife friendly spaces

* Replacing lawns with vegetable gardens