When Climate Change Comes Home

A 6- part series of expert speakers and community conversations about the real effects that climate change will have on our community and what we might do to begin to prepare for the changes ahead.

If you would like to help us develop an action plan, contact Leslie.

What can we do to prepare our households and our community for the changes ahead?



In 2017, we brought together a great line-up of city, state and local speakers to help us understand the issues and brainstorm solutions. We looked at the assets we currently have in our community, and considered what resources we need. We brainstormed actions and solutions and in 2018 we intend to work with city and state experts to help us flesh out an action plan.

Video Session 1: Sat., April 22, 2017 - Hiawatha School Park Gym, 4305 E 42nd St, Minneapolis


Take the Flood Survey. Help us understand where there are water problems in the neighborhood.

"I enjoyed the climate change presentations.  The speakers were great! After the one on rainfall, I understood my wet basement issues. I got estimates and had the precautionary work done. I shared what I had learned with my neighbors, who also get water during heavy rains. We also discussed possible power outages. Luci Lights - who knew! Thank you for your time, energy and willingness to share."

- Nancy Bartlett

Climate and Health

Paul Moss, MN Climate Adaptation Specialist, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, shared data from the state climatologist about how climate change is already affecting our weather and what we can expect to see in the next 10 years and beyond.

Lisa Strong, works for the state public health department and talked about the health impacts we will see and who is most immediately vulnerable.


Flooding and Extreme Rain Events

Professor Pat Huelman spoke about actions we can take to prevent and manage water intrusion in basements.

Kelly Moriarty, Engineer, City of Minneapolis, talked about what the city is doing to prevent flooding.

Master water steward Tana Hanlon-Nevins shared strategies for keeping water away from your home and helping it sink into the ground.


Severe Storms/Tornadoes

Casidy Anderson, fire chief with the Community Emergency Response Team talked about how the city handles severe storms.

Dave Crawford, DNR, shared preparedness tips and tools - what you need to have on hand.

Bruce Stahlberg provided additional examples of what you need to do/have on hand in case of an extended power outage.



Eva Pesch, M.D., talked about recognizing and

responding to health effects of extreme heat

Pam Blixt, Public Health Preparedness Manager at

City of Minneapolis, talked about what the city is doing to be prepared.

Theresa Rooney, Hennepin County Master Gardener, shared tips for protecting plants and wildlife.

Sue Swanson, DVM (veterinarian) talked about how to protect your pets (chickens, cats and dogs).


Climate-Related Diseases

Jenna Bjork, MN Dept of Health, talked about insect and other vector-borne disease risks - mosquitoes and ticks.

Trisha Robinson, MN Dept of Health, shared information about water-borne disease risks.

Preparedness Fair

Transition Longfellow members hosted a fair, with tables of resources to help people create their own home, car and work preparedness plan. about insect and other vector-borne disease risks - mosquitoes and ticks.