Lead Your Own Activity or Join One of These Groups for 2017


Transition Longfellow is a community group that operates BY AND FOR the people who live in our South Minneapolis community. Our activities happen because someone had an interest in doing an activity and then shares that interest with others. We make things happen!


If YOU want to start something - a book group, a skill share, an activity group, a sharing circle, a preparedness group - this is the place. (The activity DOES need to fit within the scope of Transition-related activities.)


The following activities are things that people have expressed interest in doing. If you would like to be part of one of these activities, let us know. If you want to create an activity, let us know that too. Contact Transition Longfellow


  • Just Do It Group: This is a household or yard-task completion group. If you have things on your list that need to be done, but you are never getting to it, join the group and help yourself and a few others "Just Do It!" Group members will commit to a certain number of volunteer hours of project time to be done at each members' home.

  • Garden Workshare: Like the Just Do It group but these will be small groups (around 4 people per group) who put in an hour of time in each others' yards once a week or every other week. The goal is to a) get more done in the garden and b) have more fun doing it!