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Transition Longfellow Tasks to be Redistributed and Shared

Marketing/Communications (can be done by one, easier if done by 2)

  • Create newsletter 3-5 days before the first of the month or the date of the first event

  • Post newsletter on Facebook

  • Prepare a 2nd newsletter to go out on the Monday before movie night

  • Create facebook events

  • Post event notices on NextDoor

  • Post activities on MeetUp

  • Update website

  • Write press release for The Messenger

  • Create a Transition Longfellow flyer with listing of regularly scheduled activities (whatever is known in advance)

  • Create a posterboard to use when tabling at community events

  • Table at neighborhood events

  • Update mailing list

Programs (each program/activity should have a team, but planning is usually done at the core team level)

  • Beginning in Oct-Nov, gather ideas for programs that people may want, using Facebook and newsletter, and what people have said they want, and what other Transition groups are doing around the country.

  • Create a proposed yearly program calendar

  • Introduce it at the annual pancake breakfast and invite people to sign up - also list in newsletter and on facebook

  • Secure speakers/teachers for activities using facebook and newsletter

  • Secure locations

  • Seek activity volunteers through newsletter and facebook

  • Create registration forms

  • Create flyers and post at local coffeehouses and bulletin boards

  • Duplicate handouts for events

Chard Your Yard (part of a team)

  • Include CYY in newsletter and newspaper article

  • Write application to LCC and get on agenda of environment committee

  • Advertise for volunteers through newsletter, facebook and newspaper beginning in March

  • Set up website to accept volunteers and garden sign-ups

  • Contact fiscal agent to arrange insurance coverage

  • Connect with Hennepin County master gardeners to offer Veggie Basics class

  • Handle money at the veggie basics class and pay for refreshments

Community Engagement (can be part of communications function, but tabling should be a fun, shared activity)

  • Respond to inquiries from website, facebook, LCC or Transition US

  • Participate in community events representing Transition Longfellow

  • Share info from community events on Facebook page

  • Participate with Transition Twin Cities events

Governance (core team function)

  • Re-register the group with the State of Minnesota each year

  • Serve as one of the 3 required officers for state registration

  • Pay for website

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