Notes from Transition Small Group Conversation, Sat., Jan 12, 2019 @ Riverview Cafe


10 people attended this meeting; all have been involved in some way in the past.


Areas of Interest

  • Zero waste

  • Urban food and permaculture

  • Community building (soup supper)

  • Information on facebook

  • Sustainability

  • Concern about health impacts (of 5G)

  • Movie nights and potlucks

  • CYY, signage shows action

  • Wild food, growing food, food access

  • Water saving and water quality

  • Building things, mending circle

  • Chickens

  • Climate change

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Insect health


Restart parent group – it was hard to get people together. One attender shared that her parent group met for years by meeting in each others’ homes casually, for support.


Group asked Leslie to create a master list of all past activities


Increase visibility

  • Create a listserv?

  • Attract younger people – how about a happy hour at a local restaurant or brewery, with child care provided (we don’t have insurance to cover liability for babysitting. If we were a committee of LCC, we would be covered but we are not.)

  • Move it around to visit different places – Riverview Café, Moon Palace, Gandhi Mahal.


Raise Money for the Group so it can afford to pay for help. With an intern we could engage in partnerships

  • Anni and Andrew offered to look into writing grants.

  • Accept online donations with Paypal – crowdsource funding

  • At events, offer a round-up option



  • Cooking dates

  • Games

  • Greeters who are good with names, who thank people for coming

  • Feel needed

  • Nametags

  • Reward – badges for taking action


Neighborhood organizing

  • What can the neighborhood(s) do to further the transition?


People resources of people who responded to survey

  • Two people expressed interest in taking over the Facebook Monday question “What’s dying in your fridge”

  • One person responded to survey and said he would be interested in writing newspaper article each month (but hasn’t replied to email)

  • One person responded to survey and said she can help with website, social media.

  • Emmi Merryman is a young Instagrammer who may help get us up to speed on the platforms young people use

  • One person offered to be a connector to Seward neighborhood


We should provide training and support


Culture Change Channels – create for Facebook

  • #NoFoodwaste

  • #Recycle

  • #Renewable energy

  • #Climate talks – how to

  • #Partner activities – expand the reach of others

    • Use Facebook as a place to share notes from events and meetings so we can all learn even if we don’t all have time to attend everything that’s going on

  • #I Did It – celebrate successes along the transition path

  • #HowTo – resources on how to take an action



  • have some in-person and some online to make them more accessible. Even in person meeting should offer online option and we should provide people who are unfamiliar with online meetings with help to get online

  • Shared leadership at meetings – co-leaders

  • Rotate locations – some want public meeting space and don’t like going to private homes; private homes are free


Name Change – Transition NOW!


New location for movie night (other events?) to expand geographic reach

  • Ask Walker Church about use of their space. They are a community hub with lots of programs at the church. Simply being there may attract some folks.

  • Real problem of meeting at churches – any church – for some people.

  • Important to point out this is not a church activity.

  • If it moves out of Longfellow will lose people to walk to the movie night.

  • Hope is to attract more people from broader area. Also, Walker is one block off Lake street, with easier bus access.

  • Suggested to move movie night around – and yet consistency is what helps people remember to come. Moving it will make it harder for people to find it.

  • Some people want it in a commercial space. Challenge is that others don’t want to pay for meals or beverages

  • Potluck is easier to accomplish in a space with a kitchen and real dishes (zero waste).

  • Schools are very expensive. Can’t afford that. Public parks may be an option. Cost about the same for a 2-hour rental. Kitchen facilities are very limited. People will need to bring their own dishes. Will they do that?


Practical Problem of where to store Transition stuff

  • Andrew and Anni offered to store some things

  • Jeanne is currently storing movie night stuff

  • Need to share 8 years of documents – Anni offered to hold dropbox access