Transition Leadership Conversation Jan 4, 2019


10 people attended, a few who have not participated directly in Transition, most long-time participants.

  • Name – geographic name is a drawback

  • Location - Discussed possible move to Walker Church because they have a strong commitment to environment as a tenant of their community. People did not anticipate it would be a problem. If you want to come, you will come.

  • Online meetings – people were not keen on that, would miss personal connection. They could imagine one meeting a month online, and one in person.


Suggested listing all of Leslie’s activities and seeing who would take them – delegating tasks.

Skills/Tasks needed:

  • Public speaking/tabling

  • AV skills

  • Communications – website, social media, newsletter, newspaper

  • Scheduling and hosting

  • Surveys and feedback gathering

  • Movie nights

  • Visioning activities and creating yearly calendar

  • Identifying resource people

  • Soliciting and managing volunteers

  • Writing grant apps to neighborhood assn

  • Main contact person

  • Storage of supplies

  • Maintain registration with the state

  • Outreach to people and organizations in community

  • Attend events representing TL


Leslie pointed out the problem with people taking tasks is that without a core team, decisions can’t get made and activities can’t get planned and communicated. We need leadership.

  • Seek people with a personal passion – step up

  • We need to decentralize leadership – everybody leads,

  • Find the nucleus

  • Share tasks – rotating leadership for events, and rotating locations


Young people are high energy and passionate but can also be strident. “Campaigns” energize them, like boycotts, measurable, with short-term goals.


Suggested door knocking to identify block club leaders – or ask them to self-identify via messenger or NextDoor or Facebook

Have we done a needs assessment?


Is there another functioning group that can take TL under its wings? Can it come under the wing of a group who can fund organizing and marketing. Talked about Transition ASAP and their organization under the neighborhood assn and grant money to hire young people to help with communications.


It is hard to sustain a group that is all volunteer. We are in a position of looking at local relationships versus activism, neighborhood versus city.


Rethink what Transition is

  • Change other organizations to incorporate transition thinking. Work thru existing orgs versus trying to bring random neighbors together and organize them. We can help you address climate through your organization – Churches, Businesses

  • Shift focus to culture change.

  • Facebook is active and growing – keep it!

  • More advertising

  • Advise and share resources

TL will change; it may dissolve into small groups or block groups. We need to be prepared to let go of TL as it currently exists. That's okay. The good work that was done does not disappear. It continues to ripple forward. It has made a difference.