Recap of the Conversation November 26, 2018

10 people in attendance, a few who have not participated in activities and others were long-time attenders.

In this conversation, we talked about:

  • Our reputation - we're known, stable, have recurring activities

  • Enhancing outreach (esp to Seward), creating a tagline that includes "You"

  • The geographic locator on the name may be causing some people who don't live in Longfellow to not engage as fully as they might. With a name change we might capture people in Powderhorn, Standish and Phillips who have contacted us to ask about groups in their area.

  • Relationship focus - the importance of a warm and personal greeting, of appreciation and fun, cheerful (potlucks), hugs, personal thank yous, fostering neighborhood relationships

  • Interesting, informative and intellectually stimulating

  • Provide personal growth opportunities - with various opportunities of differing frequency and intensity

  • Trust

  • Non-judgmental

  • Truth-telling and being a place where it's okay to talk about difficult things

  • The importance of community connectors - visibility promotes asset sharing, sharing circles, block organizing (formal and informal)

  • Introduce Transition ideas in non-Transition settings and make those ideas interesting enough that they become "infectious." Consider hosting Transition house parties (one a week, where we explain the Transition we all need to make, everyone shares and leaves with 3 action steps they can take)

  • Bring the energy descent idea to visibility for a larger percent of the population.

  • Accepting contributions as they are offered

  • More fully utilize the Facebook community, value of topical contributors (Just Ask - Free Solutions), expansive reach of the page. We discussed whether online or in person is "community" and the value of presence in emergency situations.

  • The role of NextDoor in connecting and sharing - how do we differ?


Transition Longfellow welcomes offers of greater engagement as we move into a new phase of organizational life as Leslie and Peter decrease the intensity of their involvement (but not their commitment to the ideals and actions of Transition!).