Notes from the December 6 Transition Conversation


Ideas for Engaging – what has been a good volunteer experience?


  • Training in discussing “hard” issues

  • Leadership training

  • Make “it” contagious

  • Welcome, appreciated, open and connected

  • Habit and momentum – regular, dependable, frequent interactions

  • Names are important – delegate to a person who is great with names

  • Fractal (?) engagement out from the core

  • Visible results that are well defined and concrete

  • Personal connections

  • Making a difference in people’s lives

  • Feeling needed

  • Personal gain

  • Feeling connected

  • Networking and skill building


Ideas for Growing

  • Outreach with Seward neighborhood

  • Transition streets curriculum

  • Action not more meetings

  • Liaison with Green Tigers at South High

  • Anxiety mitigation

  • New charter school or other schools may have to do volunteer hours

  • Involve children so young parents can be involved

  • Bike rides and brewery tours and movie nights?

  • Childcare at movie night to make it easy to attend

  • Moving activities to venues where people are – like to Urban Forage.

  • Distance was a solution and a problem – some people won’t go more than a few blocks, others want to open up to all of S. Mpls

  • ASK people – extroverts need to do personal outreach, phone calls, personal invite

  • Block clubs -= one block at a time

  • Practice talking to people

  • Help people expand their idea of who they are


How Might You Engage

  • Truly engaging others and asking others to sacrifice

  • Open garage for tool sharing – material share

  • Using transition as hub to connect and involve other communities

  • LCC has access to funds, park buildings, insurance for activities – should we again try to connect with them?

  • Transition and politics – mixed; some want to get political, others don’t

  • Group Action

  • Follow up on chard your yard – what are the barriers to using raised bed, continue already established programs

  • Waste management - zero waste – trash buddies (can sharing program)

  • Organize R.O. H20 Tx system (don’t know what this means)

  • Leverage the 700 plus people on facebook

  • Host another conversation then use the pancake breakfast to try to finalize a plan

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