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Transitioning Our Economy


Our current economy is very good at some things, like creating large amounts of consumer goods. It's been less effective at protecting natural resources like drinkable water, and unpolluted soil and air. The benefits of our economy have not been shared with all, and it has not always improved our quality of life.


As we move further into climate change, and as countries begin to meet their energy needs in ways other than the burning of fossil fuels, economists who take these issues seriously predict major financial stresses. Business as usual won't be an option; but that doesn't mean the future won't be a good one.


A lot of people are engaged in shaping an economic system that could be more local, more democratic, and more fair.


Investing to Empower Local Communities

Investment circles are one way average citizens can invest a small amount of money each month, combined with others, to have an impact on their community. Transition ASAP in St. Anthony Park, has started a local investing group called Local Dough.


The local investment landscape recently changed, with a new law that allows small investors to invest in local businesses. MNvest is an investment crowdfunding website that will enable Minnesota businesses to legally advertise investment opportunities to all Minnesota residents.

The Sharing Economy

There are a number of ways you can be part of the "sharing" economy here in Longfellow. 

Sustainable Finance/Sustainable Life Discussion Group
Do you want to live more frugally, consciously and sustainably? Do you want to transform your relationship with money while investing in the economy of the future? Learn, share and find support in making the changes you’d like to make in your life, your home and your community. THIS GROUP IS NOW DONE but you can see the topics it covered here.


Seeking Volunteers

If you are interested in the "new economy" and would like to be involved in expanding the conversation, contact Leslie MacKenzie. There are a couple of options we can pursue:


  • Starting or participating in an investor circle

  • Starting a Longfellow-specific investment club

  • Organizing a city-wide speaker series to bring the ideas of a steady state economy, economic relocalization, and the sharing economy.