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Master Gardeners Veggie Basics Class


Class runs for 4 Saturdays in April, starting April 13, 10 am to 11:30 am, in the community room at Gandhi Mahal (Lake and 27th Ave). It is taught by various Hennepin County master gardeners.

Cost is $10. Bring cash to the first session. Beverages will be served. REGISTER HERE

April 13: Starting Your Garden: Considerations for where to put a new garden and plant's needs for sun and water. Thinking about soil and soil health. A look at the tools you will find useful.

April 20: Planting Your Garden: How and when to plant seeds and seedlings and how to prepare your garden for planting. How to read a seed packet. A closer look at many of the most popular vegetables, when to plant, how to space, growing and harvesting tips.


April 27: Designing Your Garden: After the instructor explains some of the principles of design, students will work one-on-one with a master gardener to plan their own plot based on their needs and food goals.


May 4: Maintaining Your Garden: Learn about watering, feeding, weeding, thinning, harvesting, and how to deal with disease and pests. Learn how to put your garden to bed in the fall.


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