Preparedness Email - Week 18

Bring Important Papers: Medical Records














This task will be a little harder, but you have momentum, and you can do this!

Start by taking a picture of all your health insurance cards. These might have been in your wallet, in which case that part was done last week. But think if you might have missed something—you may have a health insurance card and a dental card and a vision card, a Part D supplemental insurance card, maybe a chiropractic care card. Any card you use to access health benefits.

Gather immunization records (especially for kids). If you have hard copies, take pictures of the fronts and backs of every page.

Like last week, email these pictures to yourself, so they are archived in your email.

Now, make a list of every medication you are currently taking. List the name of the medication, the dose, and the schedule for taking it. Write down the name and phone number of your pharmacy. Do this for every medication for every member of your family.

If you have long- or short-term disability insurance, or life insurance, make a list of the financial institutions that hold the policy, their contact info, the account numbers, and the policy limits.

Print 2 copies. Put one where you put your important papers, and the other into the ziplock bag holding your identification papers.

That’s it!  Just Do It!

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