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Preparedness Email - Week 20

Wrap Up Your Documents






This is the fourth and last of our Documentation preparedness series.

We are going to check what we have against a Vital Documents Checklist. It's time to make sure everything is complete, or to finish up the final pieces.

Here is a comprehensive list of important documents, many of them specialized. Depending on your circumstances, you might have some of these specialized documents so take a look and if you’ve forgotten anything important, you know the drill:

  • Photograph,

  • Email,

  • Print 2 copies and put in their designated locations!


Now you know where to find everything you will need in case of emergency to help you establish and protect your identity and finances. Doesn’t that feel good?!


This email series -- brought to you by neighborhood volunteers at Transition Longfellow -- is designed to help you become more prepared for extreme weather emergencies. Transition Longfellow does not recommend any specific product. Images or links are for illustration purposes only.

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