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Preparedness Email - Week 21

Get Your Go-Kit Ready

Set Aside a Change of Clothes for Emergencies

Now  we're going to pull together everything you need for your Go Kit, in case you have to evacuate. This week, we are going to gather 3 days of emergency clothing for each person in your family.

Dry clothing might save your life. Here is an ideal list. Start with what you have, because what you have is better than nothing, and you can replace with the perfect things over time!

  • At least 2 pairs of socks. Wool is great, keeps you warm even if wet.

  • At least 3 pairs of underwear. Sometimes you can find merino wool underwear, which does not itch!

  • Wind and waterproof pants. These are helpful from rain to snow, 4 seasons of the year.

  • Wind and waterproof jacket. Same principle.

  • Warm hat and a bandana.

  • A pair of thin gloves.

  • Waterproof shoes or boots.


Pack your clothing in a gallon size ziplock bag to keep things dry.


This email series -- brought to you by neighborhood volunteers at Transition Longfellow -- is designed to help you become more prepared for extreme weather emergencies. Transition Longfellow does not recommend any specific product. Images or links are for illustration purposes only.

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