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Preparedness Email - Week 24

Emergency Shelter and Special Populations

"Special Populations": This group of people is so large and diverse, there is no way to address all scenarios. You need to look at the individuals in your life and discuss the particular situation with them.  Guidelines for considering scenarios.

Please understand that people with special needs may be denied entry to emergency evacuation shelters. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to plan ahead to shelter with friends, relatives or other caregivers out of the area.

**If this issue does not touch your life, consider becoming a buddy to assist a neighbor or friend.**

Some Things to Consider

Medical Needs: If you use medical services, such as dialysis, is there an alternative facility to the one you usually visit? Do you need a pre-packed stock of consumable medical supplies, a smaller/portable wheelchair/scooter, extra insulin?

Transportation: Emergency transportation systems are going to be swamped. How will you or your loved one be able to move?

Communication: Do you have an alternative translator if your usual translator is unavailable? What about assistance hearing verbal announcements, seeing directional signals, or understanding complex instructions?

Assistants: Do you have secondary assistants if your usual assistants are unavailable? (This is the perfect place for a buddy to fit into your life!)

Supervision: How will you make critical information available to potential helpers for the very young, the very old, or persons who have trouble coping in new situations?

This email series -- brought to you by neighborhood volunteers at Transition Longfellow -- is designed to help you become more prepared for extreme weather emergencies. Transition Longfellow does not recommend any specific product. Images or links are for illustration purposes only.

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